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How to install LED outdoor lights for Christmas.
( We are the best t Christmas Lights Installation company in West Texas and  we would like to ask you to consult with a safety expert about your abilities to carry out the below steps, they are very dangerous if you are not the Handyman type, specially working around 120 volts and ladder work, many people suffer grave accidents in the Christmas seasson). We at Christmas Light Installer El Paso do this for a living and we are trainned in the more safe practices for the job.

Nothing lights more in Christmas than a well decorated home .
Lighting a home for Christmas is not only a tradition of many years but it is also a way to share the holidays with your neighbors , or sometimes a way to compete with them.
Whether accompany the Christmas spirit and try to beat your neighbor, there are many who value those who light up their homes for the holidays.

We in Christmas Light Installer El Paso , use mostly LED lights, they are state of the art and super energy eficient
Incandescent lights for external decoration l not only consume more energy used but they are also very fragile. Newer LED lights last longer, use less energy and emit a deeper color more pleasant
to the eye compared to incandescent lamps.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
What you need
Outdoor Christmas Lights LED , Ladder,  plastic guttering , hooks for christmas lights


Make sure the label says they are rated for outdoor lights use . Manufacturers design this special type of lighting to withstand the harsh winter , or the winter cold , snow and rain .

Test the lights. Remove the cables from the boxes and plug them to any electrical outlet . If the lights does not turn on , check the fuses ( if any ), which are usually in the plug , otherwise , make sure that each bulb is connected to the cable safely . If it still will not start , you may have to replace them one at a time and check again (if not attached , replace the first bulb and passes to the next) until you find the one that does not work .This is very tedious work, this is why we advice you to hire Christmas Light Installer El Paso .
Determines what type you want and where. Many people prefer to put more white lights on the windows or above the terrace. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of lights to cover the entire area you want . Do not overdo it , a minimalist solution usually works best.

Use a ladder ( se safety comment above please, this is serious work but extremely dangerous safety wise) to reach the areas from which you plan to hang the lights. The easiest place to do this are the gutters . The plastic latches adhere to the gutters on these spaces easily. They may also hold light cables to the shingles . Keep them between two to four feet ( 61-122 cm ) away. Forgive us for being repetitive  but we at Christmas Light Installer El Paso, advice you to hire a professional like us to do this job for you.

Use hooks to hold Christmas lights cables around the frames of windows and doors and around the terrace. Only attach them if made of wood . Use a hammer to drive the hooks in place , which are the corners , and then add the more if needed in the middle to prevent falling.

Use a ladder to reach high places . Bring lights hook to hook and go holding each before starting the next .

Connect the cables , which may be the biggest challenge. The play of light is around frames can get into the house under the door or windows . If so , you’ll need an extension cord . Do not have an electrical outlet on the outside , pass the cables underneath the doors, but make sure you can close . If you have a garage , and it is possible , it is best to put the extension cord there.

Use a timer if you can. As LED lights use so little energy, you can plug in one multipl, several of them ( depending on the number of cables you have , you may need two or even three multiple ) . You can use the switch directly from here to turn on or turn off outdoor lights , but you can also connect to another light switch on the wall. However, it is best to connect the main cable to a digital timer , which in turn is associated with a separate wall switch. Then set the timer for the lights to turning on at about the sunset and to shut off when you go to bed. Most digital timers allow you to set different lighting times for different days of the week , if for example , you want them to last longer lit on weekends .
Tips and Warnings from Christmas Light Installer El Paso

If you hang the lights in the bushes or wrap the trees, will be adding a special touch to your patio. Not need no hook for this, but keep in mind that maybe It requires an extension cord to plug them , while cable can be left on the lawn , which increases the chances that you could trip over them. If possible , put the cables around the trees and let more or less the last 10 feet (3 meters) fall on a branch that is near your house or garage. In this way , you can attach the lights into the extension cord , and take from the tree to the ceiling, and then from there to complete the installation .
If you have children , make sure the cables hanging very low from the house are not too loose . Also, be careful when you do the same with the bushes , because we do not want it to be a hazardous situation. Remember   Christmas Light Installer El Paso advice you that water and electricity make a dangerous mix, extension cords laying in grass could lead to trouble if he sprinkler systems turns on. We perform a special process to avoid this kind of situations.

Christmas Lights Installer in El Paso  are very concerned about your safety, please take above activities only as advice, we will not admit any responsibility for any material or personal damage when attempting to apply the above advice . The information is provided only for Entertainment and understanding purposes .

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